3 Years Project A Ventures

Take a look at some interesting facts & figures, along with personal highlights.

We are proud to have been involved in building more than 35 companies.

Companies we helped to build

Personal Highlights

Sarah Lindner

Portfolio Development

Bringing together our founders from all over the world for our Portfolio Days, a three day conference of knowledge sharing and networking here in Berlin.

Leo Schirmer

Business Intelligence

For our portfolio company WorldRemit, we provided the technical infrastructure to flexibly perform cohort analyses with one click.

Total value of companies in our portfolio


Personal Highlights

For one of our seed-stage SaaS ventures, we committed the investment in less than 6 weeks, from the first contact to the signed contract, including term sheet, due diligence and negotiations.

Holger Witte

Investor Relations

Grew from being an intern to a full-time position in only 12 weeks.

Hanna Tamoudi

PHP Developer

1,500+ Incoming Investment Opportunities per Year

Personal Highlights

Investing in exciting and cool companies like Catawiki, and working with such a variety of knowledgeable and friendly people encourages me every single day.

Benjamin Bolland

Business Development

My highlight corresponds with one of the saddest moments: as we had to shut down one of our ventures, we offered all employees new positions in the Project A family within 48 hours.

Sergej Zimpel


350 Idea Meetings to Come Up With New Business Models

Personal Highlights

Tamer El-Hawari

Product Management

Experienced how potential enterprise customers for our new venture Spryker became enthusiastic about our proprietary e-commerce software after only one session.

Marie Fabiunke

Corporate Communications

Created and launched our Insights blog within four days.

5 Ventures in Brazil and many more to come...

Personal Highlights

Established a fully functional performance marketing and CRM organization including a data warehouse and automated CRM within six months.

Dorothee Seedorf

Performance Marketing

Helped Contorion to grow their sales by more than 100% month on month.

Tobias Ilgner

Venture Development

Employee Satisfaction at Project A

800+ Employees across portfolio

94% would recommend Project A as an employer to their friends

Personal Highlights

Rainer Berak


Convinced most of our ventures to use project management tools to avoid losing time, money and nerves.

Valentina Rathsack

Trainee Marketing

Working with Loopline, one of our newest ventures, I had the opportunity to contribute to building a company from scratch.

12,566 Job Applications received from 26 different countries

Personal Highlights

Mark Hartmann

Venture Development

Started with two people in a ‘war room’, doing groundwork for Contorion, which is now an amazing company with a strong culture and an absolute rock-star founder team.

Florian Brick

Java CTO

It is not one concrete highlight. It’s just a gift to work with so many wonderful and talented people every day.

30 internal dev talks for all IT employees to discuss the newest trends

481.5kg Coffee

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